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Indoor Air Quality

Breathe In Clean, Fresh Air


Dust and allergens could be floating around in your air, causing throat irritation and worsening allergy symptoms. Thankfully, you can improve your indoor air quality when you seal and repair leaky ducts or install an enhanced filtration system from Cobalt Heating and Air Conditioning in Riverside, CA. We'll repair or seal leaky ducts, or install new ducts or a new fresh air vent to bring fresh air into your home. We'll install enhanced filtration to clean and sanitize the air already in your home.

You can trust us to install a new:

  • Thermostat

  • UV air filter

  • Hospital-quality air filtration system

  • Fresh Air vent

Want to learn more about our duct repair or air filtration installation services? Talk to our team today.

Clean Air

Make sure your ducts are squeaky clean

One of the best ways to maintain good indoor air quality is to get regular vent and duct cleaning services. Our team can help by:

  • Inspecting your vents and ductwork

  • Cleaning and vacuuming your ductwork and plenums

  • Disinfecting and deodorizing your ducts and space

By disinfecting and sanitizing your air ducts, you can stop the spread of viruses and harmful bacteria to keep your family or employees healthy. Schedule an appointment for our residential or commercial duct cleaning services today.

Duct Cleaning
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